Facilities Management

If you are in charge of commercial or industrial premises, then you have responsibility towards the maintenance of your premise facilities and comply with the relevant regulations. Facilities management compliance is required by insurance companies to control and lower your workplace risks. If you answer ‘Yes’ to the following questions, then you’re in control of your facilities. If the answer is ‘No’ or ‘Not Sure’ then you should talk to us and see how we can help you with your facilities management.

  1. Do you have Contractor Management System in place?
  2. Do you have emergency response planning in place?
  3. Is your electrical installation tested in accordance with the current regulations?
  4. Do you have hot work controls in place?
  5. Are your Hot Water Outlets and Cold Water Storage facilities checked and logged in accordance with L8 (The control of legionella bacteria in water systems)?
  6. Has your property had a Fire Risk Assessment conducted?
  7. Is your Fire Alarm tested periodically by competent person and the tests records kept adequately?
  8. Is your Emergency Lighting tested and logged in accordance with relevant regulations?
  9. Do you have the correct Fire Extinguishers? Are they inspected at the correct intervals and records kept?
  10. Are your Gas appliances maintained to the current legislation?
  11. Have all of your portable Electrical Appliances been inspected to ensure electrical safety?
  12. Are all your Lifts and Lifting Equipment identified and tested by a competent person?
  13. Are all your Pressure Systems identified and tested by a competent person?
  14. Is your Air Conditioning tested in accordance with relevant regulations?
  15. Are you managing your waste in accordance with relevant regulations?
  16. Do you understand your waste transfer notes from your waste management company and are you filing them adequately?
  17. Do you carry out and keep records of your site audits?
  18. Are your site documents and processes up to date?

We can review your site documentation and processes and put in place controls to help you get the best out of your Contractors and your staff. We have extensive knowledge of local Contractors and can help you save money by getting best prices without compromising on quality of service. We can develop your site systems manual, emergency response procedures and logbooks to assist you with keeping essential records of your maintenance checks. Furthermore, we can provide training to your staff so that they understand their responsibilities for keeping your site safe and secure.